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Yes, just over one week and

Triumph and Treasure 

(Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series) releases. 

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A delightful laugh echoed behind Flynn. Turning slowly—it wouldn’t do to appear too eager—he spied the raven-haired beauty in a stunning pink and white gown. As usual, she was surrounded by a bevy of calf-eyed beaus. He took a leisurely sip of champagne, trying to decide on the best strategy to steal Miss Farnsworth away for the next waltz. And the supper dance, of course.

Catching his appraisal, she sent him a dazzling smile, mischief sparkling in her hazel eyes. Murmuring something to the smitten swains, who frowned and glowered at Flynn, she glided toward him. Allowing himself a small smile of triumph, he handed his half-full glass to a passing servant.

“My lord.” Miss Farnsworth dipped into a deep curtsey, giving him a most delectable glimpse of her generous bosom.

Flynn indulged an unhurried look before bending over her gloved hand, boldly skimming the material with his lips. Her perfume caressed his nose. Fresh, light, seductive. The roses she wore entwined amongst her glossy curls were the exact shade of pink as her lips.

“Miss Farnsworth, finding you in attendance this evening is such a lovely, but most welcome, surprise.”

A loud snort, followed by a droll, “Wholly unexpected surprise, I’m sure,” announced Harcourt’s presence.

He’d sidled near Flynn, and bowed to his cousin. “Forgive me, dear cuz. But Luxmoore, boor that he is, pestered me incessantly at White’s today until I told him where you’d be tonight.”

 ~ ~ ~ 

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