Giveaway (Big!) & Interview With Madeline Hunter

Alyssa: So, first, I was attempting not to go all fan girl for this post. But, well, I had to. I LOVE Madeline Hunter!

Tall dark and wicked finalOK, now that my squealing is over… It’s Regency month over on the Embracing Romance Facebook page! In honor of all things Regency, we’re featuring authors who write Regency here on the blog. Today our guest is the amazing Madeline Hunter, whose latest release, TALL, DARK AND WICKED, came out on October 6! I have a couple of questions for Madeline, and she’s gracious enough to offer a giveaway as well.


Alyssa: Madeline, what is your favorite aspect of the Regency? Hair, clothes, politics, social mores? Other?

Madeline: I confess that the clothing appeals to me, especially that worn by the men. In so many historical periods men dressed with peculiar items that I’m not sure I would want to describe in a book. How do you deal with cod pieces, for example?

However, what really appeals to me is the social change taking place. For all the balls and parties, there were really fundamental alterations at work in society and culture. The  modern world was truly beginning. I like to use those changes in my plots and my characters’ problems, and as color in my stories.


Alyssa: What, in your view, makes Regency heroes so utterly divine?

Madeline: You mean besides the clothes and hair? Okay, I am only joking. Whether dukes or industrialists, there is a tradition in our books of having very self-assured men who are usually in control of their worlds. That is sexy to readers and writers, I think.


Alyssa: Your latest hero, Ives, is a barrister. How much research did you do to write about his career? Any favorite historical tidbit you can share with us?

Madeline: I have had one other barrister, in Lady of Sin. In both cases they were sons of peers. That was extremely unusual, of course. However, it was not unheard of.  My main source for research was a book  The Bar and the Old Bailey, 1750-1850 by Allyson N. May. One interesting detail was a description of a barrister who often served as a defense counsel. It was said he could walk through the worst areas of London and no one ever bothered him or threatened him, because everyone knew he had saved the necks of many of their comrades.


Alyssa: Now, for the lightning round… I love asking our guest authors a quick round of questions to get to know them.

Blue jeans or party dress?
Blue Jeans.

Pepsi or Coke?

Riding habit or evening gown?
Evening gown, only because the riding habits were a pain in the patootee with the trains needed on side saddles.

Phaeton or barouche?

Ratafia or wine?
Wine, preferably claret

Beau Brummell or Wellington? (Or pick your own)
Of these two, Wellington.  I would have liked to meet Shelley, however.

Typically, I ask boxers or briefs, but how about breeches or pantaloons?


Now for the GIVEAWAY. Because Madeline is amazing and generous (did I mention she’s amazing and generous?), she is giving away three (3) print copies of HIS WICKED REPUTATION, Book #1 in the Wicked series. Just comment below to enter!

In the meantime, here is a little bit about Madeline and her latest release, TALL, DARK AND WICKED!


Ives Hemingford is the most sensible of the duke’s four sons, the lawyer quick to offer sage advice. He has refined sensual tastes, and avoids real romance in his well-ordered life, so no one is more astonished than he is when he falls hard for Padua Belvoir, the daughter of a man he is expected to prosecute for a major crime. She is a woman with whom an entanglement will probably spell ruin. . . but he can’t help himself!

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Twitter: @MadelineHunter


Madeline Hunter is the NYTimes and USAToday bestselling author of twenty-five critically-acclaimed historical romances.  A two-time RITA winner and seven-time finalist, her books have been translated into fourteen languages. Over six million of her books are in print. She lives in Pennsylvania.

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    • Alyssa Alexander

      Me too, me too! I simply love Madeline’s books!

  1. TheLustyLiterate

    I am SO excited for TALL, DARK AND WICKED!! And yes, there is nothing hotter than a self-assured man! Thanks for this wonderful interview!

    • Alyssa Alexander

      Those self-assured men fit right into the historical setting. I love them too!

  2. Barbara Monajem

    (Don’t enter me in the contest — I have a copy.) I’m always interested in stories that deal with the legal system (as long as they’re historical — I don’t like modern law stories much at all). Right now I’m reading a really cool research book called The First English Detectives by J.M. Beattie. It’s about the Bow Street Runners and has quite a bit about the courts of the time. Fascinating stuff.

    • Alyssa Alexander

      That book is on my bookshelf, Barbara! I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my TBR pile. As is Madeline’s TALL, DARK & WICKED!

  3. madelinehunter

    Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome. Barbara, I will be sure to read Beattie’s book. Thank you, made4books and Victoria, for the shout outs!

  4. madelinehunter

    I hope you give it a try, Teresa and Crystal. It has both humor and a lot of deep emotions.

  5. Ellen Thompson

    Thanks for the interview! Can’t wait to read the books!

  6. Cate Moyr

    What an exciting new release! Thanks, Madeline & Alyssa, for the fun interview. I’m looking forward to the sensual barrister, quite the equal of any roguish spy!

  7. Glenda Hefty

    I’ve liked any of Madeline’s books that I’ve read. Enjoyed the interview!

  8. Diane Eberly

    Historical Romance/fantasy are my favorite don’t particularly like contemporary anything. Love all of Georgette Heyer,Mary Stewart, but love Diana Galbadons “Outlander” Historical/fantasy/romance/adventure. Your new book “Tall, Dark and Wicked” sounds wonderful. I wouldn’t mind reading any of your books. Just love to read.

    • madelinehunter

      I hope you give one of my books a try, Diane. Maybe you will win one!

  9. Glenda

    Super Fun Interview! I’m with you on the jeans, coke, wine, and Wellington for sure! I wonder what people from the Regency would think about jeans and coke?

    Love your books, Madeline!

  10. Molly

    I love Madeline’s books and can’t wait to read this one.