Getting rid of stuff and a #giveaway by Barbara Monajem

Sooo…I’m trying to get rid of clothes I don’t need. I did this several years ago – one piece of clothing a day for a few months. (A pair of socks counts as one piece of clothing – no cheating there, although I was tempted. However, if one sock is already missing, throwing the other one away counts.)

(These socks are new – I just love the Finn Family Moomintroll books and therefore the socks, too.)

It was great to get rid of so many clothes I didn’t like or didn’t need, but now it’s time to do it again. I haven’t bought many new clothes (I’m *really* not into shopping, except for socks), but meanwhile, the old ones have gotten older. (As have I.) It’s time for another purge, but I find it SO HARD to get rid of stuff I just might use again. Sometime… Sigh.

Another problem is that I tend to wear old clothes, the older the better, most of the time. It helps that I do both my day job and the writing job from home, but still, why wear tattered clothes even after they start to sprout holes? (Can one sprout a hole? I think not.) I don’t even *like* some of them, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away until they’re good for nothing but rags. In which case they become exactly that—rags. So I don’t really throw them away.

The thing is, now I wake up every morning thinking, oh, no, I have to find something to get rid of!! Which sounds like a really dumb sort of problem—it totally is compared to real problems like illnesses, for example—but…but…whine… The only upside is that some of the stuff I give away is actually quite nice, so someone shopping at the thrift store will be happy.

Anyway, I decided to try doing it ahead of time—a whole week at once. (I’m pretty sure I can’t manage more than that.) I dumped out one of my drawers and am doing it sort of like scheduling tweets—find seven items, set them aside, and whew! A whole week taken care of.) I would have taken a pic of the humongous pile, but you don’t want to see my crappy old underwear. Nor do I want to display it on the Internet.

Any advice about getting rid of stuff? I’m sure I’m not alone in this and would love some input, whether it’s encouragement or a virtual slap.

Since I have lots of copies of my books to get rid of, one commenter will win a signed book of anything I have in paperback. If you ask nicely, I might even include a pair of socks. Or if you don’t want paper, I’ll get you a Kindle copy instead. Of the book, not the socks. 😉

Coming soon!! It’s been a while since I’ve had anything new to release. This Christmas collection includes my novella, The Right to Remain Single. It will be out in October.

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Barbara Monajem started writing at eight years old. She has wandered from children’s fantasy through mystery to paranormal and historical romance. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.

15 Responses

  1. Mary Preston

    I do a massive spring clean each year. It’s not really that daunting as I break it down into much smaller tasks. I write these up in a list.

    Crossing off a task is liberating.

    I do end up with piles of toss, sell, donate.

    By doing this each year I keep things manageable.

    (I have raggedy clothes I should toss, but they are so comfortable for around the house why would I?)

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Mary! You’re so organized. 🙂 I’m not naturally an orderly person, so my limited organization skills are used at work. But I think I can manage a list! I agree, crossing things off a list feels great.

  2. Teri Donaldson

    I am going through the same thing you are. I have been cleaning one closet or drawer at a time. I have three piles-one for the Salvation Army store, one for the consignment store and one for trash. I listen this a book as I am doing so. I commit to listening to several chapters. I need to staying cleaning during that time. When the chapters are completed, I can move on to something else. It makes the time go very fast.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Teri, listening to a book is a great idea. I could probably make it through one chapter, maybe two, at a time. Slow but steady…!

  3. Regina Clouse

    I love books and socks! Both are always on my personal gift ideas, for me, to family and friends.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Regina. Me, too — I just sent my sister a birthday package of books and socks!!

  4. barbarabettis1

    I moved several months ago and was forced to cull my old clothing or drag it along. So I sadly admitted I’ll never get into some of my outfits again and had to figure out what to do with them. I discovered a shop that provides clothing to women who are starting over after a hard spot in their lives and needed clothes for new jobs, etc. I did try to give a suede poncho/cape to my high school senior granddaughter, but no go 🙂 Imagine! Good luck in your search.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Barb. Sounds like a great shop. As for grandchildren — well, you just never know. It’s the fashion nowadays to shop in thrift stores. My gd buys all kinds of old clothes and alters them to get what she wants.

  5. Glenda

    LOL Barbara I’m probably the worst person to give advice about getting rid of stuff – especially old clothes. I have 2 drawers full of T-shirts that I never wear (some are way to small) but most of them remind me of a trip or one of my kids’ school events… I’m not even going to go into what my closet looks like… Good Luck!

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Glenda. Yes!! I have some of those T-shirts, too. One is from when my daughter went to New York with the school chorus (I went too, as a chaperone). I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. One suggestion I’ve heard is to cut the pretty bits out and make a T-shirt quilt with them.

  6. Pat Pinkston

    I’d love a copy of Heart of Constantine. And, the socks are so cute! I’d like a pair, pretty please. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Pat. Heart of Constantine is one of my favorites of my books. It has the best villain! He became worse and worse as I wrote the story, LOL.

  7. Barbara Monajem

    Hi, Cindy. Moving house would certainly solve a lot of problems, if I didn’t go nuts going through everything! We’ve been in the same house for eons. We got rid of a lot of stuff over the past few years, but it’s amazing how much can accumulate over time.

  8. Barbara Monajem

    Thanks for all the comments and advice! In the interest in getting rid of things, I have TWO winners today: Regina and Pat! Ladies, I will contact you via email re how to get your prizes! 🙂