Excerpt from How to Beguile a Duke

HTBAD-1600He ought not to have let her take the journal. It wasn’t appropriate reading material for an innocent. “If you like, I will reread the journal and make note of all of your great-grandmother’s…acquaintances so we can narrow down the possibilities.”

She clasped the journal to her chest. “Good heavens, no. I shall do it.”


“I would never be able to look you in the eye again knowing that you had read about her…exploits.”

“Catherine.” She cast a startled glance at him. Stifling the laughter threatening to erupt, he said, “I’ve already read the journal. There is nothing in there with which I am not already familiar.”

Casting her eyes downward, she said, “Well, there is much with which I am unfamiliar.”

Laughter burst forth from him, refusing to be contained. “Well I certainly hope so. It is not appropriate reading material for you. Give it back to me, and I will make a list of everyone mentioned in the journal. We must be thorough.” Casting his eyes toward the spire of a church in the distance, he attempted to dispel the images of Catherine reenacting her great grandmother’s escapades with him. His imagination was very thorough. Too thorough.

Carefully avoiding eye contact with him, she shook her head. “No. She was my great-grandmother, my relative. I will do it.”

Knowing he would not be able to convince her to surrender the journal to him, he gave up. Her parents ought to have named her obstinate. “Perhaps you could skim the journal and record the names and how they correspond to the dates in which she mentions the tiara. It isn’t necessary for you to reread everything.”

“I suppose that method could prove fruitful.” Drawing her lower lip into her mouth, she studied the open page of the journal. Her eyes widened. “See here.” She pointed to the page. “She reminded Great-Grandfather about the dinner party they were holding that night. Several foreign diplomats, as well as many members of the House of Lords, were to be present. After grandfather left the room, she wrote, ‘What new surprises will my lover have for me tonight?’

He leaned closer, their shoulders touching as she skimmed the page. Squelching his urge to run the tips of his fingers down her neck to her—he shook his head and attempted to listen to her words.

“‘I long for the sweet torture of his touch, for the pleasure he brings me.’”

To complete his torture, she continued reading, oblivious to his discomfort.


How to Beguile a Duke

What reviewers are saying:

“I couldn’t wait to keep reading and when I finished I had to sit back and savour the story. That’s when you know it’s a special book.”  ~Kilts and Swords

“There is a very exciting mystery that runs throughout the whole story. This kept the story moving very quickly and excitement could be found on every page.”~Jasmyn, Bitten by Books

“The characters were vivid, lovable and the storyline, with a hint of mystery and danger, held my attention until the very last page. The chemistry between Catherine and Nick was instantaneous and their dynamic exchanges often had me laughing out loud.” ~RS Addict

“There was a nice balance of mystery, suspense, and some intense UST in this one. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to you.” ~Kathie, First Page to the Last Book Reviews

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