Erotic Dreams and a #Giveaway

Barbara Monajem here. Who doesn’t love an erotic dream? I’m pretty sure most of us do. 🙂 (But there are always exceptions. To everything.)


Sometimes I can’t resist putting a little of the paranormal in my stories. My two recent novellas feature former spies—one female, one male—whose job was to seduce secrets out of traitors and enemy spies. Their seduction process included sending erotic dreams to their, um, victims.

How did they do it, you ask? Alas, since I don’t possess this particular skill, I don’t really know. It has to do with visualizing an erotic scene (okay, I can do that much) and sending the dream (no idea how, but it works for my characters). 😉

In The Reluctant Seductress (which is available in the boxed set, Rakes and Rogues), the heroine, Lettice Raleigh, sends dreams to the hero. In Love at First Dance (which came out yesterday, HOORAY! in the anthology, A Very Wicked Christmas), the heroine, Lady Jane Dew, receives erotic dreams from her hero.

So…my question is, which would you rather be – the sender of the erotic dream, like Lettice, or the recipient, like Lady Jane???

Answer the question (or if you’d rather not, any comment will do) for a chance to win a gorgeous paperback of A Very Wicked Christmas. (US and Canada only, postage costs being what they are, you know.)

Blurb of Love at First Dance:

Sir Colwyn North’s uncanny seductive powers made him an excellent spy—but they also gave him the worst sort of reputation. Given his dreadful past, his only hope of winning the hand of the very proper Lady Jane Dew is to trick her into marriage. By way of seduction. While in disguise.

Jane has had enough of tedious propriety; she wants excitement. Duty-bound, she attends a Christmas house party at the estate of a scheming marquis, who has plans of his own for her. She intends to choose her own husband, and the son of the marquis is not on her list. The enthralling but nameless seducer who visits her nightly in her dreams might be…but first she has to find out who he is.

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Barbara Monajem started writing at eight years old. She has wandered from children’s fantasy through mystery to paranormal and historical romance. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.

27 Responses

  1. ki pha

    I’m definitely the one to receive. Teehee~
    Sure it’ll kill me when I wake up unsatisfied but, at least I got something. 😉

  2. Elaine Carlson

    Sender. I would much rather give the thoughts than receive what someone else wants me to think.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Elaine. In real life, I agree. In a romance, the hero is perfect for the heroine, so it works, LOL.

  3. Joanna M.

    Sounds like a great anthology <3
    I think I'd rather be the sender. I can only imagine looking at their faces the next day lol

    • Barbara Monajem

      Heh, heh. Yep, Joanna. What fun that would be. 😉

  4. Jennifer Wadkins

    Both would be a fantastic way to have fun but I would much rather receive them since I’m single! I know it’s selfish but hey, it never hurts to dream!

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Jennifer. I don’t think it’s selfish. I think it would be fun for the sender, too. 🙂

    • Barbara Monajem

      LOL, Mary. I’ve seen that devilish twinkle in your eye. 😉

  5. Linda Nightingale

    Sounds like something I’d like for Christmas. 🙂 Love your cover! I tweeted and shared on Facebook i thought it was such a fun post.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Thank you, Linda. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  6. LauraJJ

    Oh this sounds so good! Oh both sides would be so great…but I would say if I had to choose I would say sender! I love to receive…but sometimes its more fun to give!!! 🙂
    landfjacobson @ charter . net

    • Barbara Monajem

      LOL. I would have a hard time deciding. Or I might want to improve on the sender’s version of the dream, yikes!

    • Barbara Monajem

      Agreed, Denise. In fact, there’s no reason to choose if you can have both. 😉

  7. Barbara Monajem

    And the winner is…. Laura JJ!! Laura, I will email you about your prize. Thanks for all the fun comments, everyone. 🙂