Embracing Romance welcomes guest author Shana Galen

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Shana Galen photoShana Galen is the bestselling author of passionate Regency romps, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Kirkus says of her books, “The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun,” and RT Bookreviews calls her books ” lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching.” She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston’s inner city. Now she writes full time. She’s happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making. Shana loves to hear from readers, so send her an email or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter. Visit her website at www.shanagalen.com

(Shana is giving away a copy of Earls Just Want to Have Fun so be sure to answer the question at the end of this post)

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ER: Welcome to Embracing Romance, Shana. To start us off, what two things would surprise your fans the most about you?

Thank you so much for having me! I think my readers might be surprised that I know just about everything about My Little Pony. My daughter has made me watch all the movies, TV episodes, and read all the books. Readers might also not know I’m a strict vegetarian and have been for almost 30 years.

ER: Including the two books you wrote under the name Shane Bolks and the anthology, you’ve published twenty-three books. Do you have a favorite series of those you’ve written?

That’s right! I’d have to say my favorite series is the Lord and Lady Spy series. Those are some of my favorite characters, and readers’ favorites too!

ER: What’s a day like in the life of Shana Galen?

Busy! I get up at 4:30, go to a fitness boot camp, clean up and get my daughter ready for preschool, then I work from 9:30-2, pick her up, and drive her to her activities. I make dinner, do bedtime and bath with Princess Galen, and then it’s either more work or collapse into bed.

ER: Are you a panster or a plotter, and do you have any unique writing habits?

I’m such a pantser. I really don’t outline or plot at all. Sometimes when I’m running in the morning I’ll think about the pages I need to write that day and try and figure out what I should write, but I honestly don’t like to think too much about what I’m writing. It makes me nervous for some reason, like if I think about it too much I won’t be able to write it. I may have written 23+ books, but each one is written one difficult page at a time.

ER: What is your favorite part of writing? Your least favorite?

My favorite part is writing the beginning of the book. It usually goes very smoothly, and it’s fun to meet the characters. My least favorite part is getting revisions from my editor. I always worry I’ll never be able to fix the book.

ER: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

1) I’d like to spend a month in England with my husband and daughter, 2) I’d love to sell enough books to one day make the USA Today or New York Times bestseller lists, 3) I want to see whales swimming in the wild.

ER: What’s next for Shana Galen, and would you be willing to share a little about an upcoming book or series?

Next up is the third book in my very first series, the Regency Spies series, featuring When Dashing Met Danger and Pride and Petticoats. Ethan and Francesca’s story, While You Were Spying, will be out in April. In the summer, I have another anthology, tentatively titled Dancing in the Duke’s Arms, with my friends Grace Burrowes, Carolyn Jewel, and Miranda Neville. Then in September the second in the Covent Garden Cubs series (Earls Just Want to Have Fun is the first) will be out. It’s titled The Rogue You Know.

Shana Galen - CoverBlurb: Earls Just Want To Have Fun

His heart may be the last thing she ever steals…

Marlowe is a pickpocket, a housebreaker-and a better actress than any professional on the stage. She runs with the Covent Garden Cubs, a gang of thieves living in the slums of London’s Seven Dials. It’s a fierce life, and Marlowe has a hard outer shell. But when she’s alone, she allows herself to think of a time before-a dimly remembered life when she was called Elizabeth.

Maxwell, Lord Dane, is intrigued when his brother, a hired investigator, ropes him into his investigation of the fiercely beautiful hellion. He teaches her to navigate the social morass of the ton, but Marlowe will not escape so easily. Instead, Dane is drawn into her dangerous world, where the student becomes the teacher and love is the greatest risk of all.

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From Chapter Two

The coach began to move, and Dane frowned. He hadn’t ordered his coachman to drive. Were they being waylaid by highwaymen? At least that would make the evening a bit more interesting.

And then he heard the scream.

Dane shot up and opened the curtains just as his brother’s voice called out, “Open the door. Open the bloody door!”

Dane threw open the carriage door, even though the conveyance was still moving. It slowed briefly and Brook threw a wild animal inside the carriage. Dane jumped back, out of range of the creature’s claws, just as Brook dove inside and slammed the carriage door. “Drive!” he yelled.

The carriage lurched forward, racing at a speed that could not be safe, even had they not been on the crowded streets of London. But he had no time to worry about the Jehu’s dangerous driving. The creature lunged at him, scratching at his leg and managing to get a pretty good bite of his calf. “Ow!” he yelled, shaking it off.

It fell back, and Brook threw a hood over its head. That confused it, and his brother took advantage of its disorientation and bound its hands.

Hands? It was human?

“What the devil is that?” Dane asked.

“It’s a who, and her name is Elizabeth,” Brook told him, teeth clenched with the effort it took to secure the knot in the rope binding its—her—arms.

“That is a woman?” A woman had just bitten him? Damnation but his leg hurt like hell. He peered closer and noted the dirty dress she wore. His gaze traveled upward…yes, she was definitely a woman.

“That,” Brook said, falling back into the squabs in exhaustion, “is Lady Elizabeth Grafton.”

Dane had always thought that when the day came and his brother made a mistake—a monumental mistake, the sort Dane was exceedingly careful never to make—he would be glad. But damn if his leg did not hurt him, and he was more worried for his brother’s sanity—and truth be told, his own safety—than pleased to be able to say, I told you so.

Dane glanced at the woman again. He didn’t know who she was, but she was not the daughter of the Marquess of Lyndon. She was some sort of street rat. The smell of her alone was enough to prove bathing was not a luxury she frequently, if ever, enjoyed. And her language. No lady knew words like those she’d spewed at Brook. Dane didn’t even know some of the curses. And the dirt. He’d have his valet clean these breeches immediately.

“Are you feeling well?” Dane asked. “Have you hit your head recently?”

Brook glared at him. “It’s her.”

But before Dane could dispute him, the creature—female, if Brook insisted—must have caught her breath because she began thrashing around again. She couldn’t see with the hood over her eyes, and her claws were restrained, but she could still kick. Dane moved from one side of the seat to the other to avoid her quick feet. She would make a fearsome pugilist if her fists were as fast as her feet.

“I can’t take her to Lord Lyndon like this,” Brook said.

Dane frowned. He didn’t like the implications of that statement. When Brook didn’t go on, he suggested, “You could toss her back out on the street.” He looked out the window and saw they were in Mayfair now. Perhaps they should not unleash such a creature on Mayfair. They might keep driving and leave her somewhere safer. Somewhere like Scotland. Or the Americas.

Readers, what’s on your bucket list? One person who comments will win a copy of Earls Just Want to Have Fun (U.S. or Canada only).

29 Responses

  1. Sandra Owens

    Welcome to Embracing Romance, Shana. Absolutely love the excerpt!

  2. Bronwen Evans

    I really can’t wait to read this, Shana. My bucket list is pretty content. I spent 8 years living in England, temping and traveling.

  3. laurieg72l

    I would like to travel to England to see several of the interesting places and areas mentioned in historical romances: White’s Almach’s, Hyde park, Kensington Palace,Trafalgar Square, Big Ben,London Bridge etc

    • shanagalen

      Laurie, wouldn’t that be a fabulous trip? I don’t believe the building that housed Almack’s is still standing, buy I have been there and seen a plaque that delineates the spot. The rest are still there!

  4. Amanda Jane

    I want to spend the summer in England and do geneaology. May wind up in France and Ireland. But really want to.

  5. Cassandra

    i want to go to Disney world atleast once in my life. I want to go on a cruise in the Caribbean and I wanna go to Vegas 🙂

  6. ginaconkle2013

    Hi Shana! Thanks for sharing your excerpt. I already have the book waiting for me on my kindle. I love the premise and cover…now to dive into the story. Places I’d like to go: Iceland (in summer) and Colmar, France. My husband is more the “let’s go stay in a hut on the beach in Fiji.” So, we’ll see what happens.

  7. Susan Gorman

    Great interview!
    I would love to travel to Ireland and Scotland, breed and finish an AKC championship with one of my corgis and see my daughter settled & happy.

  8. Barbara Monajem

    Thanks for visiting us, Shana, and welcome from a fellow chronic pantser.

    Succeeding at knitting socks is the only item on my bucket list, but since I hardly ever get time to knit, I’m beginning to think it’s just an attempt to stave off the inevitable. Which reminds me horribly of some movie or other where someone got older and older and even broke into pieces, but didn’t die. I think I’ll change my bucket list!!!

  9. Glenda

    Love this excerpt, Shana – as usual!

    My bucket list is filled with travel: Scotland, Ireland, Italy, all the National Parks in the US.

  10. allybroadfield

    Welcome to Embracing Romance, Shana. Loved the excerpt! One of my bucket list items is to go to Time Square for New Years Eve. I’m hoping to go for New Year 2016.

  11. Alyssa Alexander

    Love the excerpt! And, I fully understand not wanting to plot before writing. I feel the same way. Makes for some tough writing though!

  12. lisoo

    Scotland. Would love to see Scotland. But that is just one thing on my list. The Hot Air Festival in Albuquerque. Grand Cayman. Mt Rushmore. Yosemite. Frankenmuth,, Michigan. A driving history tour of the new England area. I want to try glass blowing. Endless list.
    And Shana, when you say you want to see whales swimming in the wild, do you mean you want to swim with them or just see them?? Just curious.