Embracing Romance welcomes guest author Jess Michaels

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Jess Michaels


Jess Michaels is the bestselling and award winning author of almost 50 novels and novellas, mostly erotic historical romances. Her books often feature hot, tortured heroes, strong heroines and the redeeming power of love (as well as lots of sexy stuff). She lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband and two ridiculously cute cats.


ER: Welcome to Embracing Romance, Jess. To get started, what two things would surprise your fans the most about you?

Some might be surprised to learn that I wrote five urban fantasy novels under my Jesse Petersen name. These featured zombies and monsters and were funny, tongue-in-cheek books. Another thing that might surprise people is that I’m a huge introvert. I can pretend pretty well when I need to be “on”, but I’d always rather be wearing yoga pants and at my house alone with my husband.

ER: You’ve published almost 50 novels and novellas under three different pen names. Do you have a favorite book or series among those?

It’s too hard to pick favorites with my own books. Every one of them means something very special to me. I can’t write a book I don’t love, so I’ve loved them all and some have taught me valuable lessons. Whatever I’m working on at the time is generally my favorite, so for now it would be The Widow Wager, which is the third book in the Notorious Flynns series.

ER: How do you handle having different pen names? Do you have separate websites for each, or just one for all? Is it difficult keeping your different personas separate?

I no longer write as Jenna Petersen or Jesse Petersen. I’m strictly writing as Jess Michaels, erotic historical romance now. At the time that I did have all three names, I did have separate entities for them. At some point there may be more Jesse books and that would all be separate since it’s a very different kind of book, but Jenna is permanently retired.

ER: Are you a panster or a plotter, and do you have any unique writing habits?

I do plot, actually fairly extensively (though slightly more or less from book to book). As for other habits, I’m not sure I’m unique. I don’t write with music of any kind, I set page goals every day to make my deadlines, I dedicate about 80-90 hours a week to writing and promotion of my books (this is my full time job). My husband is my full-time manager and assists me on pretty much everything. I’m trying to think of semi-unique writerly things, but I know there are others out there with the same answers. LOL

ER: What kind of heroes do you like to write—alpha, gamma, or beta? Why?

I’m almost always into alpha. I like the strong, take charge guy and writing historical romance I think he fits his time better. A man with power and standing in a world like that is going to be pretty alpha. From time to time I write a slightly more beta guy, but even my betas are more alpha.

ER: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

This summer we will be going to Paris to see the last stage of the Tour de France so we’re excited about that. We would love to go to Japan and climb Mt. Fuji. And I’m kind of obsessed with Norway and Sweden right now so I’d love to do a trip there. Most of my bucket list items have to do with travel. We love to travel.

ER: What’s next for Jess Michaels? Would you be willing to share a little about works-in-progress or an upcoming book?

Well, it’s a busy year. February 14 I’ll be in a collection called A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh My! March 10 is the second book in the Notorious Flynns series, The Scoundrel’s Lover. In May will be The Widow Wager, the third book in the series and I have several more books scheduled for 2015. The best way to stay on top of my releases is to join my newsletter: http://www.authorjessmichaels.com/join-the-jess-michaels-newsletter/

Let’s play Fast Five. Answer the following with one word.

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite animal? I’m really into sloths right now.

Favorite food? I love sushi. Pretty much all varieties. LOL

Least favorite food? I don’t eat things that are too spicy.

Favorite movie? Oh too many to name. We have hundreds of movies, I couldn’t begin to whittle it down. LOL


Blurb ~ The Other Duke

For years Serafina McPhee has been engaged to marry the heir to the Duke of Hartholm and for almost as long, she has been struggling to find a way out of that engagement. When he suddenly dies, she does not mourn but thrills at the idea that she will be free. Unfortunately, best laid plans go awry when the next in line for the title, her intended’s cousin, Raphael “Rafe” Flynn is forced to take over the engagement. But Serafina knows Rafe’s reputation as a libertine and wants nothing to do with him, either, even if he is devastatingly handsome.

She proposes an arrangement: she will agree to the marriage and provide Rafe with his heir and spare. Once she has done her duty, he will let her go. Rafe is intrigued both by her beauty and by her utter disgust with the idea of being his bride. Women normally fall at his feet, not cringe away from him. However, since their arranged marriage is not something he can escape, he agrees to her terms.

But when he finds out on their wedding night the truth about her torture at the hands of his prJess Michaels - coveredecessor, he finds himself driven not just to fulfill his bargain with his new bride, but to introduce her to desire. While they move closer together, surrendering to wicked pleasures, dangerous emotions may violate every agreement they’ve made.

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QQOIBOQ/


He shook his head. “You may stay in the ducal home, Serafina.”

“No!” she said, her tone again sharp and panicky. She drew a breath that seemed to calm her, for when she spoke again her tone was much more controlled, “No, thank you. I would prefer something less…less grand.”

Rafe held back a bark of humorless laughter. “As would I.”

She smiled slightly and he examined her face yet again. There was most definitely something deeper about Miss Serafina McPhee. Beneath those calm waters on the surface, he had a feeling storms raged. He only wondered if she would ever trust him enough to let him see.

“Is there anything else?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No.”

“Then I suppose it is a bargain,” he said. She held out her hand as if to shake and he ignored it. “In this case, I believe a kiss is the proper way to seal the terms.”

Her lips parted and he could see protest on her face. He held up a hand. “I promised your father nothing untoward would happen, Serafina, and I meant it. I ask for a simple kiss. I promise not to ravish you.”

“Why should I believe you when you have delighted in ravishing so many women before me?” she whispered.

“I’m surprised someone would speak to you about such things,” he said, searching her face.

She arched a brow. “Everyone knows it about you and your family. You are seducers and gamblers and rabble-rousers. And many have delighted in telling me so since Cyril’s death.”

“Rabble-rousers,” Rafe said with a slight smile, despite her hesitation. “I have always liked that word.”

“Lived it, you mean?” she asked softly.

He grinned. “From time to time, yes. But I swear to you, on all of whatever honor I possess, that I shall not force you to do anything you do not desire. Just a kiss, Serafina. The rest will happen soon enough.”

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  1. Sandra Owens

    Welcome to Embracing Romance, Jessica. I’m with you on the alpha heroes, love reading them and writing them.

  2. Alyssa Alexander

    Wow, the trip to France sounds fabulous! Traveling is on my bucket list too, but alas, with a 6 year old, I need to wait a bit. Our travel at the moment includes Disney World, but that’s about it! Enjoy France, and congrats on the upcoming releases!

  3. bmonajem

    Wow, how cool to go watch the Tour de France. :~)) And there are zillions of other reasons to visit Paris, too.

  4. Jess Michaels

    Just Jess actually! My real name is Jesse and I spent my life with people thinking it was Jessie or Jessica. Which is why I went with Jess as my author name. Couldn’t take the other two after so long of saying, “No, actually…”

    I do love my alphas! I like a nice guy, but a nice guy CAN be Alpha! LOL

  5. jessicajefferson

    The sloth is my spirit animal! So, how is it having your husband as your full time manager? how do you separate work time from non-work time?

  6. victoria.vane@hotmail.com

    So excited about your indie success wiht hot historicals, Jess! You know those are near and dear to my heart as well! LOL!
    I really look forward to reading your new series.

  7. Sarah Ballance

    A warm welcome and a mighty hello from a fellow introverted, yoga pants wearing, travel loving author. (I didn’t stalk you here, I promise.) Your travel wish list sounds amazing. I hope you find a lot of inspiration out there! (And at home in the yoga pants, because that also rocks. LOL.)

  8. Maggi Andersen

    wow, you’ve written an impressive number of books Jess. I agree that alphas suit the historical romance genre. Love the excerpt!