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Meet the Earl at Midnight tkAudiobooks are foreign territory for me. They’re like picking up a genre I wouldn’t normally read, but audiobooks give a sensory experience.

Last summer I decided to give audiobooks a try. My family moved across country and with the promise of long miles ahead of us, audiobooks sounded good. In my husband’s car, classic rock was the listening option.

In my car, we listened to books: Robert Louis Stevenson’s unabridged Treasure Island, Mark Owen’s No Easy Day, and Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Yes, the last one was my mom-ness trying to instill life lessons into my teen sons. That’s when he opted for classic rock!

50 percentThe funny thing is I thought audiobooks were a some day thing for me as an author. Imagine my shock and double shock when I learned Meet the Earl at Midnight was going into audio, and The Lady Meets Her Match (book 2 in the Midnight Meetings series) will go into audio in early 2015.

I wanted to share a snippet today for your listening pleasure, but the link isn’t ready. Instead, I’ll share an excerpt with audio link coming soon:

An Excerpt: “Is this all some kind of game?”

“Come here.” He spoke with his lordly, commanding tone.

Warning bells went off in her head.

Lydia rooted to the spot. “I…what do you want?”

“For you to come here.” One side of his mouth slid up. “In fact, I’d find it refreshing if you did whatever I asked the first time I issued a command.”

“Wha…” Eyes rounding, Lydia couldn’t finish the word in her indignation.

“Please.” He added, tipping his head in gentleman’s fashion.

His high and mighty lordliness had the upper hand, but he softened the advantage with that please.

“What are you going to do?”

“Why not come here and find out?” Eyes sparkling, he challenged her.

She gave in to the invisible pull, very much like a moth fluttering helplessly, perilously into a flame. Mesmerized, she held eye contact with him. Warm, swirling sensations built inside her body as she closed the distance. Lydia stopped a safe, respectable arm’s length from the earl, but the dangerous glint in his eye hypnotized.

What he did next astounded.

Lord Greenwich bent on one knee before her. He tipped his head and almost bumped her abdomen. His hands hovered close to her thighs. He put both hands on her skirt, grabbed the fabric — and gently pulled.

She looked down at her dress, horrified to see the faint outline of her thighs through her underskirt. The brief exposure was fleeting as Lord Greenwich lowered her dress skirt, a falling curtain to what was on display.

She moaned. Her skirt must have caught on her underskirt when she dried the map.

The Earl knelt before her like a chivalrous knight of old and settled the hem around her ankles. His fingers skimmed the tops of her unshod feet as if testing the feel and shape of her; heat grazed her, her lower body, her thighs and knees precisely where his hands had hovered leaving a mark of warmth.

“Your skirt was stuck above your knees,” he said, explaining the obvious with a mischievous glint. “I couldn’t let you go on with an unseemly display of undergarments.”

Oh, he was not bothered by her unseemly display of anything.

Parts of Lydia flushed hotly again as it dawned her: they conversed with the cloth bunched and riding an indecent height, all while she was rather bold with him.  Her petticoats hung the proper length, thank goodness, and covered her legs, though their silhouette was clearly visible.

Lydia shut her eyes. Lud, she could be a piece of work.

His lordship pushed the edge of propriety and well he knew it. What’s worse, her body reacted — from his brigand’s smile or his hands on her skirt, she wasn’t sure. Lydia set a protective hand to her mid-section.

“Thank you.” She stepped back, needing some distance.

Lord Greenwich stood up and towered over her, and on purpose, she was sure.

His thumb and forefinger tweaked her chin. “Don’t think you’re off the hook for this uninvited foray in my room. You need to atone for this grievous behavior, Miss Montgomery, and flashing your underskirts won’t suffice.” His eyes sparked with a dangerous, playful light. “Everything has its price.”

Her eyebrows shot up at his daring tone, and Lydia planted a hand at her hip. “Is this all some kind of game for you?”

“Game?” One side of his mouth, the scarred side, curved up. “If this is sport, then you’re the most diverting woman I’ve had the pleasure of sparring with in a very long time.”

*    *    *

Curious for more? Find it on &  …and yes, the audio cover is different from the print and ebook formats but the story is the same.

Meet the Earl at Midnight tk   Available December 2nd

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  1. laurieg72

    Wonderful excerpt! I’ve recently discovered audiobooks. I like to listen to them when I travel too.

    • ginaconkle2013

      Thanks so much! If it weren’t for that cross-country move, audiobooks wouldn’t be on my radar. Now, I want to get more. On car rides when my boys were little we’d listen to short Disney stories or abridged classics like King Arthur and the Round Table. It’s fun to re-discover books this way.

      I hope you come by again, Laurie and share some of the books you’re enjoying. I could use some suggestions.
      Take care-Gina

  2. jessicajefferson

    I used to have an hour and half commute to work so I became dependent on audiobooks. The Devil Wears Prada came in handy during a nasty traffic jam. I love seeing more become available and the ease of using new audiobook apps.

    • ginaconkle2013

      Hi Jess,
      LOL!! I’m picturing Meryl Streep keeping you calm during a traffic jam. As I think about books, I realize I was a huge fan of the Disney books on album when I was 8-9 years old. For two years, I’d skip Saturday morning cartoon and put on Disney LP’s (yes, back in the vinyl days!). Sometimes I’d read along, sometimes I’d lay back and be entertained. Such fun. I LOVE books.

      Are you listening to any more (on the treadmill? exercise walking?). I’d welcome recommendations. I downloaded Amazon’s audible app last week.

      Take care-

  3. Sandra Owens

    I prefer to read books, but if I had a long commute for work, I would definitely load up on audiobooks. I did try to listen to my book on audio, but it was just to weird. 🙂

  4. JoannaM

    I was introduced to audio books just this Summer and fell in love with it! Granted I’ve only listened to one but I can see the appeal of it. I could do two things at once, like house chores, driving, at the nephews soccer practice, all while listening to my awesome audiobook. I will never leave my prints or e-books of course but hey if I can cross some books off my TBR this way I’ll do it!