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Whether writing a historical or contemporary romance, hands down, research is both a necessary and wonderful undertaking to ensure accuracy and to add intriguing elements to any story. Recently I began writing a new motorcycle club (MC) series, High Stakes (Persuasion and Possession). Though I grew up around 1%ers (what most consider outlaw bikers),ย I wanted fresh perspective. So I went after it–connecting with several members of one of the top four MCs in the world.





Now to keep this in perspective, I didn’t walk up to some Viking–looking Brother with patches in a bar and start probing him for answers. Protocol must be followed, so I joined a biker forum and introduced myself. Ironically enough, I was the second romance writer to enter the snake pit (LOL), and believe me, women in this setting get a mixed response. The other aspiring author didn’t demonstrate a familiarity for the rules and was quickly chased off by colorful speech describing how she could get the information she sought.

Enter me, holding my breath.

Amongst these leather-clad, riding enthusiasts is a code of honor that must be followed. How you ask the questions ultimately determines the kind of responses you get. And yes, half these guys are still stuck in the 1960s, advising me to go take care of my old man or suggesting I trade services for answers. LOL. I have a twisted sense of humor anyway. And yes, I ride motorcycles, so that gives me some street cred.

Within a few hours, I connected with several members off the public loop.

Would you be surprised if I told you none of them knew an MC genre existed in romance? The reactions were priceless. And a couple reviewed several of my scenes, which in itself, makes this whole exercise worth the effort. But they’ll never admit in public, and I’ll never call them out.

My greatest discovery was meeting a Brother who is geographically close and we’ve continued to correspond and will meet for coffee very soon.

Deep research is a must, but it’s the unexpected treasures you find along the way that make being a writer so damn cool.


Me racing in Colorado…

Race race




My cover for Persuasion: A High Stakes Novel releases in December 2015




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  1. Alyssa Alexander

    I utterly love everything about this post! Sounds like it was research at it’s very best!

  2. ginaconkle2013

    Violetta, the things you do for your books! Love your cover. The heroine looks like Scarlett Johannson.

  3. Barbara Monajem

    Wow! I’m totally freaked that you raced motorcycles! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I didn’t know there was an MC genre either.)