Conveniently Married?

Train Station BrideMarriages of Convenience and Mail Order Bride stories are story lines that I have found readers really love, and I love them, too. There’s something fascinating about taking a chance on a stranger, and the chances that the marriage may or may not turn out to be a better situation than the one that was left. Granted, when you’re reading a novel that stranger is handsome and appealing, and is always a good guy at heart. We are reading, after all, a romance, and we know we’re going to get a happy ending.

But what about the reality of an arranged marriage? Mail order marriages were fairly common for years, both here and around the world, and they still happen today. Until women are independent and able to support themselves, one of the only ways to financial and physical security was through a husband. Can you imagine yourself as a young woman, meeting for the first time the man you have married and will spend your life with? What if he didn’t bathe? What if he didn’t have any teeth? Yowsers!

In my mail order bride story, Train Station Bride, our heroine, Julia, has a delicate conversation with, Jake, the man she met and married just a few hours before. Fortunately, Jake does bathe and has all his teeth, but that is not why Julia says what she does!

Jake handed her a glass of whiskey. “I’m usually up by four or four-thirty. Not much to be done in the fields till harvest, but me and the boys work getting the barns and silos ready. Mend fences, that sort of thing.”

“I was hoping to talk about something of a more personal nature,” Julia said.

Jake hoped this wasn’t going to be a list of things he was supposed to do like wearing a tie to church and dabbing a napkin on his mouth when he got egg yolk on his chin.

“Like what?” he asked.

“I was wondering why Flossie and Gloria didn’t put my things in your bedroom.”

Of all the things Julia could have said, Jake expected this question the least. He had conceded to his sister Flossie’s wishes and agreed to get to know his new bride before bedding her.

“I thought maybe we could take some time getting to know each other,” he said.

“Are you,” she said and stopped to clear her throat, “are you saying you think we should wait?”

Julia was looking at the wall just past his left shoulder. “You’re a beautiful woman, Julia. I’ve already told you that. But considering how things began,” he trailed off.

She looked him in the eye. “I think we should consummate the marriage.”


Train Station Bride recently got an update cover in anticipation of the sequel which will be out in 2015. I love it! What do you think?


Trivia Question: What is Jake’s sister’s name?






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14 Responses

  1. laurieg72

    I love marriage of convenience and mail order bride themed stories!

    I like Julia already!

    • hollybushbooks

      Thanks Laurie! Julia is a favorite character of mine!

    • hollybushbooks

      Thanks Hanny! You’ll have to read it and find out! LOL!

  2. hollybushbooks

    Me too, Sandra. They are like catnip for me. I can’t resist.

  3. jessicajefferson

    I don’t know why but I’ve always loved those stories! For some reason, mail order bride seems so much more romantic when made into a historical romance.

  4. JoannaM

    Marriage of Convenience and forced marriage along enemies to lovers are my favorite tropes! You can imagine why. There is no better, sexier, verbal sparring than the ones coming from two equally intelligent persons, trying to denying how much in love they are with each other (perhaps because they don’t know it yet or they are too stubborn to accept it) not to mention the tension that follows the couple! I have to read this book asap, Holly!

  5. hollybushbooks

    I’m with you, Joanna. Forced marriages are another favorite of mine, too. I think the fine line between love and hate is often where the real flaming passion is and with the right author’s pen those scenes can be really steamy! I hope you enjoy Train Station Bride – it remains one of my most popular titles. I’m writing the sequel to it now and that should be released early in 2015.