Christmas with Miss Featherton!

As you probably know Christmas traditions differ from country to country. We were stationed in Germany for many years and am very familiar with the European Christmas traditions. However, even though I lived in England as well, I had to do a great deal of research for my Christmas novel, Miss Featherton’s Christmas Prince. The celebration had changed a lot in the past 200 years.

One of the Regency traditions I like best is a game called Snap Dragon. Naturally, I included it in the book.

miss featherton's christmas prince_ebookFootmen started snuffing the candles, and a huge, shallow silver bowl filled with brandy and raisins was set on a round table that had been placed in the middle of the room. The purpose of the game was to pick out the raisins and not get burned as one ate them.

She placed her fingers in Hawksworth’s hand, and rose. “It is time for Snap Dragon.”

“That bowl is large enough to accommodate everyone.” He wasted no time in finding a place at the table. The Fotheringales were on one side of them and the Culpeppers on the other side. Across the table, Amanda wiggled her fingers at Meg, and mouthed, “I will tell you soon.”

Soon the only light in the long room came from the fireplaces at either end. Then the brandy was lit, creating an eerie blue blaze.

Meg gave a shiver of delight as she reached out and plucked a burning raisin from the bowl. Hawksworth got two of them, handing one to her. Then she did the same.

“You’re very good at this.” His voice was warm with praise.

“So are you.” Even though the fire burned off most of the alcohol in the brandy, the flavor was still strong.

Shrieks of laughter filled the room, as he leaned close to her. “A passionate game.”

Oooh, she was going to murder him right here. Not wanting anyone else listening, she kept her voice low. “We have already had this discussion.” Easing herself out of the circle, she murmured, “I need some air.”

Hawksworth caught up to Meg at the end of the long terrace. “What is it about passion you do not like?”

She closed her eyes and counted to ten before turning to face him. “What has passion to do with anything?”

He prowled slowly toward her. The torches reflected the fire lurking in his eyes, making him more dangerous than ever before. She took a step back toward the wall, and before she knew it her back had hit the cold stone.

“If you do not want love, you must at least have passion.” Bracing his hand on the wall next to her cheek, he leaned forward until his breath caressed her face. It was sweet with raisins and brandy.

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I’ll give away a copy of Miss Featherton’s Christmas Prince to one of you who leaves a comment telling me what you like best about Christmas.


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Ella Quinn is the bestselling author of The Marriage Game series, published by Kensington. Her new series, The Worthingtons, will release in spring 2016. All of her books are set during the Regency. After years of residing in Europe and the Caribbean, she is living on a boat with her hero of over thirty years, a dog and a cat.

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  1. Lori H

    I enjoy spending time with my family. We enjoy watching the cheesy Hallmark Christmas specials, baking, crafting, and playing board games 🙂

  2. Lynn

    I love Christmas because its a time to celebrate, family friends, we always have a Christmas party and its so Mich getting together with everyone and just letting go of all your problems for one nigh.
    Its been a tradition iny house to decorate so I go all out I love the decorations and I love the baking and the fun of shopping and giving!!

  3. Thamar Lebron

    In my country, we have early mass (500am) for a week before Christmas. The mass is sung completely.

  4. Angie

    I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my kids happy faces when they open gifts.

  5. ladysusanpdx

    I enjoy everything: friends gathering, lovely trees lit & decorated, lights all
    over the city, carols & traditional songs,
    sugar cookies in Santa shape, movies
    like Miracle on 34th Street, and giving
    & receiving gifts.

  6. Barbara Monajem

    When I was a child, we always did a family jigsaw puzzle. I loved that! Also the Christmas crackers at dinner and wearing the funny hats we found inside. 🙂

  7. cjreynolds52

    Opening presents! We gave more to Toys for Tots this year. Having no little ones to buy for, it such fun to pick out toys. I tended to buy stuffed animals. They are fun and reassuring to most ages.

  8. dholcomb1

    I enjoy the time with the kids–they’re growing up so fast. One’s in college–have to compete for time with the girlfriend.


  9. Diane Eberly

    I love putting the decorations up for Christmas. The tree decorated, my Santa’s on display and the hutch is full of tiny snow babies, handmade snowmen/santas/houses (old fashioned w/cardboard) my niece does a beautiful job. Putting up garland with fairies, stars, icecicles, snowmen and Jack Frost. I think my house looks so Christmassy just wish it would snow. Merry Christmas. Diane