Bron_300x421-2USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans (Bron to her friends) grew up loving books. She’s always indulged her love for story-telling, and is constantly gobbling up movies, books and theater. Her head is filled with characters and stories, particularly lovers in angst. Being able to write her characters’ stories is never work, it’s a dream come true. Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer.

She writes both historical and contemporary, sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes. Her debut Regency romance, Invitation to Ruin won the RomCon Readers Crown Best Historical 2012 and was an RT Reviewers’ Choice Nominee Best First Historical 2011. Her long novella, To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield, was a Top 5 Finalist in the Kindle Book Review Indie Romance Book of the Year 2012 and the RomCon Readers Crown Best Historical 2013.

Her first Entangled Publishing Indulgence release, The Reluctant Wife, WON the RomCon Readers Crown Best Short Contemporary 2013.

A Kiss of Lies, book #1 in her latest Regency romance series, THE DISGRACED LORDS, hit the USA Today bestsellers list.

Bron lives in New Zealand with her Cavoodle Brandy. When not ensconced in her study writing her characters’ thrilling journeys to their happy ever after, Bron can be found on the golf course.

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Bronwen’s Books

Bronwen’s next release is A Touch of Passion, book #3 in her new Disgraced Lord’s series, coming March 2015.

Touch of PassionIn the latest Disgraced Lords novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans, a vivacious thrill seeker clashes with her dutiful defender—causing irresistible sparks to fly.


Independent and high-spirited, Lady Portia Flagstaff has never been afraid to take a risk, especially if it involves excitement and danger. But this time, being kidnapped and sold into an Arab harem is the outcome of one risk too many. Now, in order to regain her freedom, she has to rely on the deliciously packaged Grayson Devlin, Viscount Blackwood, a man who despises her reckless ways—and stirs in her a thirst for passion.

After losing his mother and two siblings in a carriage accident years ago, Grayson Devlin promised Portia’s dying brother that he’d always watch over his wayward sister. But having to travel to Egypt to rescue the foolhardy girl has made his blood boil. Grayson already has his hands full trying to clear his best friend and fellow Libertine Scholar of a crime he didn’t commit. Worse still, his dashing rescue has unleashed an unforeseen and undesired consequence: marriage. Now it’s more than Portia he has to protect . . . it’s his battered heart.

AKissofLies200x225A Kiss of Lies – book #1 Disgraced Lords Series

In Bronwen Evans’s Random House Loveswept Regency romance debut, a pair of damaged souls ignite each other’s deepest passions—even as they tempt fate by deceiving the world.

Desperate to escape her abusive past, Sarah Cooper disguises herself as a governess in the employ of Christian Trent, Earl of Markham, the man who, long ago, she fantasized about marrying. Despite the battle scars that mar his face, Sarah finds being near Christian rekindles her infatuation. A governess, however, has no business in the arms of an earl, and as she accompanies Christian on his voyage home, Sarah must resist her intense desires—or risk revealing her dangerous secrets.

One of the renowned Libertine Scholars, Christian Trent once enjoyed the company of any woman he chose. But that was before the horrors of Waterloo, his wrongful conviction of a hideous crime, and his forcible removal from England. Far from home and the resources he once had, Christian believes the life he knew–and any chance of happiness–is over … until his ward’s governess sparks his heart back to life, and makes him remember the man he used to be. Now Christian is determined to return to England, regain his honor, and win the heart of the woman he has come to love.

Read a FREE teaser that’s not in the book…It’s the prequel to the Disgraced Lord’s series.

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A Promise of More – book #2 Disgraced Lords Series

APromiseofMore-200x267Her brother’s death in a senseless duel forces Miss Beatrice Hennessey into a desperate position: find a wealthy husband or see her family thrown in the poorhouse. Worse, she’s threatened by a cold-blooded rapist. He has Beatrice in his sights and she knows it. She needs more than financial security. She needs protection. Therefore, she chooses the lesser evil. A marriage to Sebastian Hawkestone, the charming but ice-hearted Marquis of Coldhurst—her brother’s killer.

Sebastian owes Miss Beatrice Hennessey—or, at least, her family—everything. He admits it. The duel he fought with her brother was never meant to end in the young man’s death. But while Sebastian is prepared to offer the Hennessey’s money, the willful and pious Beatrice demands more. Marriage. He’s damned if he’ll sell his soul over a moment’s foolishness. That is, until he sets eyes on the delectable beauty, and willingly rises to the challenge of unleashing her rigidly controlled passions.

But things are not always what they seem. Beatrice and Sebastian both have plans, plans which soon begin to unravel—and turn dangerous. Not only is an enemy out to destroy him, but Sebastian realizes there’s more at stake than his life. He could lose the one thing he never thought he wanted. The woman he’s come to love..


A Whisper of Desire_200x267What’s next? Bronwen is currently finishing book #4 in her Disgraced Lords series of Regency romances. Book #4, A Whisper of Desire, continues the hunt for the villain out to destroy the Libertine Scholars. Due out in June 2015.

Sensual heat melts the ice in the new Disgraced Lords novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans, as a marriage of convenience leads to delightful pleasure—and mortal danger.

Lady Marisa Hawkstone’s nightmare is just beginning when she wakes up naked, with no memory of the night before, lying next to Maitland Spencer, the Duke of Lyttleton—a man so aloof and rational he’s nicknamed “the Cold Duke.” A scandal ensues, in which Marisa’s beloved beau deserts her. As a compromised woman, Marisa agrees to marry Maitland. But on her wedding night, Marisa discovers the one place the duke shows emotion: in the bedroom, where the man positively scorches the sheets.

Taught from a young age to take duty seriously, Maitland cannot understand his new wife’s demands on his love and affection. Marisa’s hot-blooded spirit, however, does have its attractions—especially at night. In retrospect, it seems quite silly that he didn’t marry sooner. But being one of the Libertine Scholars requires constant vigilance, even more so when the enemy with a grudge against his closest friends targets Marisa. Now Maitland must save the woman who sets his heart aflame—or die trying.

From Bron’s Invitation To Series….

InvitationToPassion300 Invitation to Passion

#3 of the Invitation To series

Invitation to Passion will see Richard Craven and Madeline Knight’s story come to light. Add to your TBR on Goodreads

Consummate rake, Richard Craven, has his heartbroken when the woman he loves is forced into an arranged marriage to a violent brute. To make matters worse, circumstances force him to marry Madeline Knight—a woman he views more like a sister-only for fate to play the cruellest of tricks. Shortly after his wedding his former lover is widowed, and Richard learns she could be pregnant with his child.

Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard Craven from his lover’s irate husband. Now her silly schoolgirl crush has left her married to a man who’s in love with another woman. Consumed with guilt over trapping Richard, she tries her best to be the perfect wife and win his heart. Failure is not an option. For if she fails she loses everything, she loves him too much not to set him free…

While Richard and Madeline confront the reality of their marriage, Madeline’s life comes under threat. A family enemy is set on revenge. Will Richard learn the truth of his heart, and what is truly precious to him, before the unknown enemy destroys their world?

Read an excerpt on Bronwen’s website, right here.

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Bron’s Previous Releases

Wicked Wagers Trilogy by Bronwen EvansWicked Wagers – The Complete Trilogy – January 2013

3 long novella’s – 470 pages

A compilation of Award Winning Author Bronwen Evans’s fabulous Regency historical romances. Wicked Wagers trilogy, the complete set. Three notorious rakes and three determined ladies, collide in three linked Regency romance stories, all based around a series of scandalous dares, wagers, and challenges.

Read an excerpt on Bronwen’s website, right here.

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Evans, Bronwen- To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield (final) 300px @ 72 dpi low resTo Dare the Duke of Dangerfield

Book one in the series, To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield,  February 2012, was a TOP 5 FINALIST in the Kindle Indie Romance Book of the Year 2012, and was a RomCon Best Historical Finalist 2013.

Lady Caitlin Southall’s temper has finally got the better of her. She’s challenged Harlow Telford, the Duke of Dangerfield, the most notorious rake in all of England, to a wager. She wants her house back. The one her destitute father lost to Dangerfield in a card game. But if she doesn’t win their bet, she not only loses her home, she loses her dignity and pride and damn it all, maybe her heart… For the handsome Duke has decreed, when he wins, she must spend the night in his bed.

Harlow Telford is amused by his hellion neighbor, Caitlin, or Cate to her friends, who seem to encompass everyone on earth except him. When she bursts into one of his private gatherings, he mistakes her for the entertainment. Her slap across his face sets him straight and raises the absurd desire to seduce the unconventional beauty into his bed. When she issues her daft challenge to win back her father’s pile of rubble, the terms are set. And he’ll do anything to win–except fall in love…

Read an excerpt and find buy links here…

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Evans, Bronwen- To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone (final) 300 px @ 72 dpi low resTo Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone
– May 2012

Marcus Danvers, the Marquis of Wolverstone, is renowned for his cynical demeanor. It’s rumored that long ago, a beautiful woman broke his heart. Now he lives life for pleasure. He’s the consummate, handsome rake. If anyone tries to get too close—let’s just say his bark is as bad as his bite. That is, until the beautiful, as she is deceitful, Contessa Orsini re-enters his life with a wager he cannot resist. When he wins, he’ll have Sabine exactly where he wants her—in his bed and at his mercy.

Forced to return to England and avenge her father’s death, Sabine knows the one person who can help her is the only man she has ever loved—Marcus. The man who hates her with as much passion as he once loved her. But Marcus doesn’t know that by winning the wager he’ll also be getting his revenge. For there are some secrets best left buried…

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Evans, Bronwen- To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood (final) 300px @ 72 dpi low resTo Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood
– October 2012

Henry St. Giles, the Earl of Cravenswood, longs to find his soul mate. Now that his two best friends, both reformed rakes, are happily married, the need becomes an obsession. When they challenge him to find a wife by the end of the season or marry his neighbor, the innocently alluring Lady Amy Shipton, he can’t believe his luck. He wins, either way. But a darkened garden, a case of mistaken identity, a drunken kiss, and a dropped emerald earring, leads Henry on a Cinderella hunt. He knows the woman he held in his arms could be the one he’s searched for all his life. He just has to find her.

Lady Amy Shipton is determined to marry for love instead of sharing her husband like her mother did. So why did she let her handsome neighbor and romantic fantasy, the Sinful Saint as he’s called for his bedroom prowess, seduce her in his garden? And what can she do when in the middle of their passionate encounter; he whispers another woman’s name. Now Henry is hunting the owner of the earring Amy left behind, and she’s determined to retrieve it before her identity is revealed. She’s not about to give her father the ammunition he desperately wants to force her down the aisle.

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Read an excerpt and find buy links here…

Invitation to Ruin by Bronwen EvansInvitation to Ruin – March, 2011

One Good Lady is about to Go Bad
RomCon Readers’ Crown Winner 2012 – Best Historical

The only thing Miss Melissa Goodly has ever wanted out of a marriage is love. But any hope of that dissolves one wild night, when she loses herself in the arms of the most irresistible–and unobtainable–man in all of England. For when they are discovered in a position as compromising as it is pleasurable, she has no choice but to accept his proposal.

Avowed bachelor Anthony Craven, Earl of Wickham, never meant to seduce an innocent like Melissa. Yet now that the damage is done, it does seem like she’d make a very convenient wife. After all, she is so naive he won’t have to worry about ever being tempted. Or so he thinks, until the vows are spoken and they are left alone–and his new bride reveals a streak just as brazen and unrestrained as his own. . .

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Read an excerpt on Bron’s website, right here…

Invitation to Scandal by Bronwen EvansInvitation to Scandal – May 2012

Catch Me If You Can

Plagued by scandalous rumors, Rheda Kerrich will stop at nothing to restore her reputation and make an honest living for herself–and she’s determined to do it without a husband. But times are hard, and smuggling is a risky though profitable trade. So when a dashing agent for the English government catches her in the act, she desperately resists his charms and conceals her illicit profession. Until she realizes he may be the key to her ultimate freedom–and unbridled passion. . .

Rufus Knight, Viscount Strathmore, has never had trouble beguiling the ladies of Kent. When his search for “Dark Shadow,” a cunningly elusive smuggler, leads him to alluring and headstrong Rhe, her objections to his amorous advances merely incite a tantalizing game of cat and mouse. Soon, they’ll find the very secrets driving them apart could ensnare them in a love they can’t escape. . .

Read an excerpt on Bronwen’s website, right here.

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