Barbara Monajem — Three #99cent specials!

Barbara Monajem here. For some lovely reason unbeknownst to any but their marketing people, Montlake Romance put two of my Bayou Gavotte paranormal mystery/romances on special this month at Yay! 🙂 These stories have vampires in them, but they’re not like ordinary vampires — one of the heroines is a landscaper, for heaven’s sake, so really, really not your standard vamps. Some of the other characters have paranormal abilities, too. Anyway, here goes:

First is SUNRISE IN A GARDEN OF LOVE AND EVIL. This is the first in the series, but for a while (unless my eyes deceived me) it was labeled as the second on Amazon. Seems to be OK now, but if my eyes can deceive me once, they can do it twice. It’s best to read them in sequence, but not absolutely necessary. (The third, Heart of Constantine, really must be read third. As for the prequel novella, Back to Bite You, it can be read whenever.)

SunriseinGarden (2)Dark secrets abound in the town of Bayou Gavotte, Louisiana, from blackmail to fetish clubs to murder, and when blood-and-love starved vampire Ophelia Beliveau calls the police to scare away whoever is desecrating her garden, Detective Gideon O’Toole unearths more than he ever dreamed.

Onward to TASTES OF LOVE AND EVIL, Book 2 in the series.

Tastes_2inchw_300-1 (2)


Rose Fairburn is on the run. Her vampire nature can’t protect her from everything, especially not herself. Now, when she should be worried about escaping her past, she can only think about one thing. Her kind can’t live without blood or sex. Love they must forego.

Jack Tallis can slake her thirst. Tall. Handsome. Trustworthy. And not a man alive can resist a vamp’s allure. But…Jack can. And he has other secrets, like why underworld hit men are on his trail. Why love suddenly seems possible. How he can vanish into thin air. The shadows hide mysteries darker than Rose can even dream, and all will be revealed in the fetish clubs of one strange Louisiana town…

Last of all — Just for fun, I put my Regency-with-magic, LADY OF THE FLAMES, on special at 99 cents, too! (No vampires in this one.)

Lady of the Flames Cover MEDIUM WEB

Perfect lady, disgraced lord, traitor, spies, magic with fire, magic with blades and love (of course!).



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Barbara Monajem started writing at eight years old. She has wandered from children’s fantasy through mystery to paranormal and historical romance. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.