August Trivia Winner, Questions and Answers

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And the winner of August’s Embracing Romance swag is…Joanne!  We will be in contact with you shortly regarding your awesome prize.

Be sure and check back frequently for more questions to answer and chances to win!

Date Author Question Answer
8/1/2014 Sandra Owens What does Dani Prescott’s stalker claim to be? Her husband
8/2/2014 Jessica Jefferson July’s Trivia questions, answers, and winner posted!
8/3/2014 No Post
8/4/2014 Bronwen Evans No Question
8/5/2014 Jessica Jefferson In what book did my hero and heroine find themselves alone in a garden? Compromising Miss Tisdale
8/6/2014 Victoria Vane Kindle Countdown – No question
8/7/2014 Collette Cameron What does Adaira accuse Roark of? Being a traitor
8/8/2014 Lynne Connolly The Georgian Language of Love – no question
8/9/2014 Gina Conkle Do you like hot scenes? Norse Jewel – no question
8/10/2014 No Post
8/11/2014 Holly Bush Glenda’s reminded of a movie star the first time . . . George Clooney
8/12/2014 No Post
8/13/2014 Michelle McLean Where did I meet my husband? online
8/14/2014 Ally Broadfield What state did I move to when I was ten? Ohio
8/15/2014 Mia Marlowe On how many off Mia’s covers is the hero holding something other than the heroine? 5
8/16/2014 No Post
8/17/2014 No Post
8/18/2014 Sarah Ballance The Marriage Agenda – No question
8/19/2014 Barbara Monajem Eringo root is the root of what plant Sea Holly
8/20/2014 Gina Conkle What river would the Vikings have taken where the … Red River
8/21/2014 Sandra Owens What did Dani feel for the first time since her stalker appeared? Free
8/22/2014 Renee Bernard In Renee’s Black Rose Trilogy, what does Raven Wells change her name to? Lady Serena Wellcott
8/23/2014 Sarah Ballance The Marriage Agenda – No question NA
8/24/2014 No Post
8/25/2014 Bronwen Evans No Question
8/26/2014 Anna Campbell Who are the hero and heroine of WHAT A DUKE DARES? Penelope and Cam
8/27/2014 Maggi Anderson Research in Bath – No Question NA
8/28/2014 Violetta Rand What color are Robyn’s eyes? Blue
8/29/2014 Victoria Vane Who’s my favorite cowboy? Tom Selleck
8/30/2014 Maggi Andersen Which spy movie is my favorite? Casino Royal
8/31/2014 No Post


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