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The winner of July’s Romantic Pursuit Trivia Game is – Kai W.!  We’ll be in contact with you soon to make sure you get this month’s ER swag!


Date Author Question Answer
7/1/2014 Ally Broadfield What is the name of the hero in Ally’s debut release, Just a Kiss? Sebastian Wilkinson, the Earl of Marley
7/2/2014 Sandra Owens Where did Logan first encounter Dani? Sinner’s Bar
7/3/2014 Sarah Ballance What is the name of the hero in Sarah’s Salem witch trials historical romance, HER WICKED SIN? H. Dunham
7/4/2014 NO POST Holiday
7/5/2014 Jess Fleck No Question – Announcement of last month’s winner Glenda!
7/6/2014 NO POST
7/7/2014 Barbara Monajem What area of history interests Mirabel, the heroine of Back to Bite You? Mardi Gras history
7/8/2014 Maggi Andersen What did Lord Montsimon remove from his pocket? Shoes and reticule.
7/9/2014 Gina Conkle What year does Victorian romance end? 1901
7/10/2014 Violetta Rand No Question – Interview with Jill Marsal from Marsal Lyon Agency
7/11/2014 Terri Osburn In the COWBOYS FOR CHRISTMAS anthology coming out later this year, what is the name of Terri’s novella? (Hint is in Terri’s interview) Love Me, Cowboy
7/12/2014 Michelle McLean No Question – Excerpts
7/13/2014 Michelle McLean No Question – Excerpts
7/14/2014 Jess Fleck What Jane Austen book inspired the name I have tattooed on my foot (as mentioned in today’s blog)? Pride and Prejudice
7/15/2014 Victoria Vane No question – Victoria does Vegas!
7/16/2014 Collette Cameron My trivia question for Wednesday is what color is the gown Adaira is wearing on the cover of The Earl’s Enticement? Gold
7/17/2014 Holly Bush No question
7/18/2014 Kara Braden Now that Ian Farichild is away from the glamour of Manhatten, what’s his favorite drink? Coffee
7/21/2014 Violetta Rand How much did America pay for Alaska? $7,200,000
7/22/2014 Michelle McLean what was the theme of the party the snake cake was made for? Indiana Jones, 10th birthday party for Michelle’s son
7/23/2014 Cheryl Brooks What city is Onca in? Damenk
7/24/2014 Holly Bush Red, White, and Screwed Excerpt
7/25/2014 Sandra Owens What does Cathy Maxwell say writing a book is like? Driving through pudding
7/26/2014 Bronwen Evans No question – Excerpts
7/27/2014 Bronwen Evans No Question – Excerpts
7/28/2014 Sarah Ballance From the post above, fill in the blank: “tiger ____ Balls
7/29/2014 Barbara Monajem in what century does The Ramsay Scallop take place? 13th Century
7/30/2014 Maggi Andersen What place did Lydia Bennett visit ? Brighton
7/31/2014 Gina Conkle Which heroine was raised in a strict manner? Dagmar
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