And the winner is…dholcomb1!

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Thanks so much for all those who participated in September!

Date Author Question Answer
9/1/2014 No post
9/2/2014 Holly Bush Does this dress make me look fat…no question
9/3/2014 Violetta Rand What weapon is on the cover of Blind Mercy? Sword
9/4/2014 Michelle McLean what show did I marathon? Scandal
9/5/2014 Collette Cameron what color are Vangie’s (Miss Caruthers’s) eyes? cobalt-blue
9/6/2014 Jessica Jefferson Trivia Answers
9/8/2014 Ally Broadfield Name one of the television mini-series that I watched before reading the book Band of Brothers, North and South
9/9/2014 Sarah Ballance Forsaken Excerpt…no question
9/10/2014 Gina Conkle What is the name of Lagertha’s son? Bjorn
9/11/2014 Sandra Owens What color rose did Dani give to Logan? Yellow
9/12/2014 Callie Hutton What is the hero of THE LADY’S DISGRACE only goal? to seduce his wife
9/16/2014 Maggi Andersen What time was dinner served in the country? 4pm
9/17/2014 Jessica Jefferson How did many Regency women keep their figures trim? by walking
9/18/2014 Victoria Vane How many of Victoria’s heroes have chin dimples? 3
9/20/2014 Sarah Balance An excerpt from Forsaken…no question
9/21/2014 Gina Conkle An excerpt from Norse Fire…no question
9/22/2014 Collette Cameron How many years was Olivia in the Caribbean? 3
9/23/2014 Holly Bush Moving On…no question
9/24/2014 Violetta Rand Abandoning the Writer’s Chair…no question
9/25/2014 Barbara Monajem In what year was Mrs. Beeton’s Cookbook published? 1861
9/26/2014 Kim Castillo Interview…No question
9/27/2014 Maggi Andersen Spies of Mayfair Promo…No question
9/29/2014 Sarah Ballance A day in the life… no question
9/30/2014 Ally Broadfield What is the most frequently banned classic book? The Great Gatsby
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