And October’s Winner is…Teresea!

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Congrats to Teresea, the October winner of Romantic Pursuit!  We will be in contact with you in just a few days about your prize!

Here are last month’s questions and answers.  Remember – the reader to answer the most questions correctly during the months of November and December will take home the Our Favorite Things gift basket.

10/1/2014 Violetta Rand Cover Reveal – No question
10/2/2014 Sandra Owens What color are Dani’s toenails Yellow
10/4/2014 Judith James No question
10/5/2014 Jessica Jefferson Winner for September’s Romantic Pursuit – No question
10/6/2014 Michelle McLean How many forms of poetry are included in So You Have to Write a Poem? 9
10/8/2014 Maggi Anderson Where should a child be in the coolest part of the day? outside
10/10/2014 Gina Conkle What is the name of the Icelandic thrall who has a place named after her? Melkorka
10/11/2014 Michelle McLean Poetry – No Question
10/12/2014 Maggi Anderson No Question
10/13/2014 Collette Cameron what is Bretheridge’s horse’s name. Kane
10/14/2014 Sarah Ballance The Sins of a Few Promo – no question
10/15/2014 Victoria Vane Slow Hand Promo – no question
10/16/2014 Jessica Jefferson What does Samhain celebrate? harvest
10/17/2014 Heather Heyford What was Heather doing when she got the call about publishing her books? Hanging Christmas lights
10/18/2014 Sarah Ballance Excerpt – No Question
10/19/2014 Gina Conkle Cover Reveal – No Question
10/20/2014 Barbara Monajem Who is the hero of These Old Shades? The Duke of Avon
10/21/2014 Holly Bush How much did it cost Glenda in the grocery store? $60
10/22/2014 Ally Broadfield What country do I want to set my next series in? Russia
10/23/2014 B.J. Scott What is BJ a sucker for? A happy ending
10/24/2014 Sarah Hegger Who has Garrett chosen as his instrument for revenge Beatrice
10/25/2014 Gina Conkle Excerpt – No Question
10/26/2014 Gina Conkle Excerpt – No Question
10/27/2014 Jenny Holiday What rule is on page one of Jack Winter’s rule book? Don’t sleep with your employees
10/28/2014 Bronwen Evans No Question
10/29/2014 Bronwen Evans No Question
10/30/2014 Maggi Anderson What was just out of Vanessa’s reach on the ladder? Plato’s Symposium
8/31/2014 Nicole Michaels What does Nicole want to buy her husband? a new car


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