An Amazing Deal on Romance

The holiday season is coming up quickly and my publisher has an amazing sale going on to help kick it off. Entangled has over 30 books on sale for just 99 cents a piece!! Including my own Romancing the Rum Runner.

Here’s a little taste of Rum Runner for you 🙂

Jessie laughed and the sound hit Tony right in the heart. Damn, but the woman was doing a number on him. Who was romancing who here?

“Come on, he’s going to be wondering what’s taking us so long.”

She reached up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek. She tried to spin away but Tony kept his arm around her and pulled her back into his chest.

“Let him wonder,” he said, his other hand trailing up to cup her face.

She leaned into him and Tony brushed his lips across hers, lightly tasting. She rose on her toes again, deepening the kiss before he had a chance to. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground, leaning back slightly so the full weight of her body rested against his.
A banging from upstairs announced Charlie’s imminent return and they reluctantly came up for air. Jessie pushed away from him, her hand going quickly to her hair. Then she smiled up at him, grabbed him by the lapels and pulled him down for another quick kiss, letting him go just as Charlie stomped down the stairs.

Tony laughed, wishing he could kick the door closed and finish what she’d seemed very willing to start. Two problems with that idea, though. One, they were in a refrigerator surrounded by meat and there were warmer, and more romantic, locations he’d prefer to be. And two, the ever-helpful Charlie would spoil the mood for sure.

Jessie hefted a box and thrust it into Tony’s hands. He held on, pulling her forward for one last kiss, but she grinned and pushed him away. “Sorry, baby, but this bank’s closed. Now go load the truck.”

She spun away with a wink and Tony chuckled. Hot damn, but he’d love to get her good and alone for longer than five minutes.

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