Happy Thanksgiving from Embracing Romance Authors

Fall leaves and roadHi Dear Readers,

Thanks for stopping in as we turn to the Holiday Season. Some of you have been with us from our Spring launch. Some of you have recently joined us.

We’re thankful for all of you! Each author will share a little something from her heart.


Thanksgiving 1


Sandra Owens ~

Even though it will just be hubby and me this year, there is a sixteen-pound turkey and all the trimmings on hand, so I will be cooking most of the day on Thursday. Yesterday, my husband (who took the day off and promised not to bother me while I got some writing done), came into my office for the thirty-seventh time that day, stood in front of my desk and stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“There’s no pumpkin pie. I looked everywhere.”

How could I forget the pie? I don’t make it (or any pie) from scratch, so off I go on another trip to the store to get his favorite, a Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie, and to quote hubby, “and lots and lots of whipped cream. The real kind.”

On this Thanksgiving week, and every week of the year, I’m thankful for my wonderful husband (even if he doesn’t think interrupting me thirty-seven times is bothering me), and I’m thankful for my entire family and the love of my friends. Maybe more so than any other career, authors have friends they’ve met and friends they’ve made through social media who they may never meet, but they are still as important. I love that part of this writing business, and I feel blessed.



I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, and that you are surrounded by family and friends on this day of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.






Happy Thanksgiving!

Collette Cameron

~Collette Cameron

I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family since my hubby and I were first married. I will again, this year, but things are going to be a bit different. My oldest son lives on the East Coast now and won’t be home. My youngest son is spending the holiday with his girlfriend’s family. I’ll miss them, and the day won’t be the same.

My daughter as well as my three siblings and their families will be joining us though. As much as I will enjoy their company, and it’s the first time in years we’ve all come together, our purpose for gathering isn’t just to celebrate the holiday and overeat.

Our mother suffered a stroke in late October, which we’ve discovered is just the tip of the iceberg for years of serious, untreated health issues. We have some tough decisions to make, but I’m grateful we get along well and am confident we’ll make DSC_0249the right ones.

After we eat, we’re headed over to see our mother at her rehabilitation facility, and yes, I’m bringing food! We’ll make the most of the day, knowing full well, it may be her last with us.

Hubby will also start putting up our Christmas display.

I’m wishing each of you a wonderful and blessed day!


Barbara Monajem ~

When I heard we were planning a joint Thanksgiving blog, my first thought was, “Oh, no! I don’t DO that.” And it’s true – I never, ever post anything about why I’m thankful. All my life, I’ve had the distinct feeling that, apart from occasional moments (particularly in one’s teens) when self-control is temporarily absent, it isn’t appropriate to get all maudlin about one’s deep feelings. One keeps those to oneself. Maybe that’s why I started writing romance. It’s a great way to go on and on about powerful emotions without admitting to the same sort of feelings oneself. So—all I have to say today is, I’m thankful. Truly, deeply thankful about all kinds of things, but no way am I going to get into the details here.

Hadrian's Wall 1But this is me walking beside Hadrian’s Wall in the North of England a few months ago, feeling very thankful indeed.


50 percentGina Conkle ~

I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinners for many years. The whole schmeer from turkey, the sides, and the pies (well, some pies were store bought). I once cooked for 21 people in my little kitchen (not Thanksgiving, another holiday).

The miracle in that? My kitchen was a whopping 8 x 9.

For the foodies out there, it hurt just to read that, didn’t it?

The funny thing is you get used to a tiny kitchen. I wish that meant my portion sizes Thanksgiving-Spanks-4x6-100-ppi1were smaller. Alas, I don’t have a picture to share because we moved from that house this summer and most of the pictures are packed away (same as the cable to the digital camera for downloading).

IMAG0142So, I’m leaving you with a picture of the peaches used to make my son’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert: peach pie.

What’s your favorite pie?


Jessica Jefferson- Jessica Jefferson

I’ve been blessed the last couple years in ways I could never imagine possible.  I have a million reasons to be thankful, but my family is at the top of the list.   They have put the fun in dysfunctional in so many ways, that it will take not just one, but two tell-all novels to cover it all.

Our holidays are spent slaving over hot stoves, creating meals fit for an army.  The appetizer table goes up at around 9am and doesn’t shut down until bedtime.  My momma’s a bit southern and a veggie tray is as close as we come to healthy eating so I have plates of cookies and deep fried foods to get me through the day.  The men folk with seperate from the herd and gather in the garage around some half-finished motor vehicle of sorts, some of them may even be wearing shirts with sleeves.  My husband will be asleep on the couch by 3pm and sometime around 2am, I’ll sneak out of the house and charge up the credit card at the local outlet mall.

This year the crazy is growing exponentially.  My brother recently welcomed his first child – a baby boy.  My brother is the only guy among seven siblings, and after my two daughters, we welcome another boost of testosterone to the family.  My youngest sister is expecting her first child, a girl, and I’m thankful to finally have someone to pass on all this pink stuff onto.  My almost-sister-in-law (they’re committed on Facebook – that’s practically married, right?) is also expecting, so we have new babies on both sides.  Three new babies!  Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Without my family, I would have nothing to write about so I can’t wait to see what great material these new kids bring along.



– Ally Broadfield

My husband likes to cook, but he doesn’t get home early enough to cook dinner very often, so he generally takes over on holidays. Normally my Thanksgiving consists of a bit of reading, playing games with the kids, and a ton of cleaning up in the kitchen.

This is the first year I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving at home because we’re spending the week at Disney World. I cherish this special time with my kids, who will be out of the house before I know it, but I am a bit sad to not have a real Thanksgiving celebration for the first time in my life.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to be thankful for, and this year I’m most thankful for all of the people in my life. My family and my friends, including those I’ve never met in person. I’m a 2014 debut author, and have been overwhelmed this year with the friendship and support of other writers and readers. Thank you to everyone for your love, support, and friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our Most Poignant Thanksgiving Memories

ER Card800x500

Unstuffing the Turkey 

by Victoria Vane

Baby Bran0004My most memorable Thanksgiving ever was November 24, 1994. I was about 11 months pregnant (i.e. big as a whale) and just sitting down to dinner at my Mom’s house. I don’t think I’d even taken the first bite of food when my labor pains began. At first I just sat quietly holding my belly, thinking it was just the usual cramping that comes and goes in the later weeks of pregnancy, but I still took a peek at my watch. The pains began repeating about ten minutes apart.

After the fourth “episode” I was growing uneasy and pushed my plate away. The next contraction was strong enough to make me gasp. At that point I finally had my hubby’s attention. “Sweetie, you’d better take your pie to go,” I said. “I think it’s time to take me to the hospital now. ” We were about an hour away from where I was supposed to deliver.

Unfortunately, things went really slow after that. I spent the entire night walking the halls between bouts of excruciating pains, but by mid-morning still hadn’t dilated past 3cm. They were about to send me back home when the doctor took pity and decided to induce. After administering  the pitocin, he told me it would be at least three or four hours before I’d be dilated enough to deliver. Everyone left my room after that, including hubby to get some food.

Fifteen minutes later, I felt something weird and rang the nurse. She came in, checked me and exclaimed  “Don’t push!!”

Apparently the weird sensation was the baby’s head coming out!  Things moved VERY fast after that! She paged the doctor and I phoned my hubby who said he jumped the median to make a u-turn and almost got into a wreck on his way back. Thankfully, he and the doctor both arrived in time. I delivered Brandon about fifteen minutes later!

My “baby” turned twenty years old today.



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