Using Astrology to Create Characters.

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By Maggi Andersen

Do you find that you can sometimes recognize the astrological sign of a book hero or heroine? I use star signs to help me create well-rounded characters. At times they can be surprisingly accurate.

Take the Taurus Man for example. The bull is an extremely masculine animal. Many characters in romantic fiction appear to be Taureans. The strong, silent hero. He has a pleasing, earthy, sensual quality, and a love of beauty, because he is ruled by Venus. So he is usually well dressed.

He’s stoical. When the heroine is in a mess, he can be a rock of strength and calmness.

Taurus have some very good qualities.

They are often loyal, generous, reliable, wise, practical, and sensual.

But they can also be jealous and inflexible.

And they’re often good looking. Two actors born under the sign of Taurus: Henry Cavill and James McEvoy.

Great fodder for the writer. Especially a romance writer. 😊

Are there any memorable heroes you recognized as having been born under a certain sign?




My reference book: ASTROLOGY FOR LOVERS Liz Greene.

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