Amanda Mariel on Book Titles


Amanda Mariel talking book titles

 There is no doubt in my mind that a book’s title is important. That is why I work so hard to name my word babies. I have often wondered how important a title is in the hierarchy of importance when someone is deciding to buy a book. I also wonder how other authors name their books.

 When I am looking for a new book to buy it is usually the cover art that catches my eye first. However, I go from there to the title. I am not going to lie; there have been occasions where a title turned me away from the book. Has this ever happened to you? I stress out every time I have to name a new book because I do not want to turn readers away with a subpar, or worse, bad title.

 When it comes time for me to title a new story I usually go through a long process of selection. I always want to come up with something catchy that fits my story and will hopefully attract readers. Generally I start brainstorming by myself using a key phrase or word that fits my book. Once I have a few ideas, I toss them at fellow author Dawn Brower. She usually adds a few ideas and helps me axe a few of mine. Sometimes I am able to narrow it down to one title I love without doing further work. But most of the time I run to my street team (they are fabulous) and pitch them my short list for a vote.

Enchanted by the Earl final My book Enchanted By The Earl and it’s follow up Captivated By The Captain were both named by going through the entire process. My very first book Scandalous Endeavors was named with a variation of the process where I put a poll on my website and had readers vote. My current WIP (work in progress) How To Kiss A Rogue was named without me running to my street team for a vote. I fell in love with the title during a brainstorming session with Dawn Brower-thank you, Dawn!

 How much does a title mean to you? If you are an author: How do you come up with your titles?


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