When is a demon not a demon? & a #Giveaway by Barbara Monajem

Barbara Monajem here. When you read the word incubus or succubus, what springs to mind?

Demon? Probably. Maybe sexy demon, but demon all the same.

For me, this is a bit of a problem, because I’ve written some Regency romances with succubi and incubi as characters, and THEY ARE NOT DEMONS! I had a similar problem with my contemporary paranormals about vampires WHICH ARE NOT REALLY VAMPIRES – or at least not in the usual sense.

A fine young lady who might just be a succubus. (But not a demon.)
A fine young lady who might just be a succubus. (But not a demon.)


I guess it’s my fault for not sticking to what people are likely to assume, but I don’t seem to be able to do that when it comes to paranormal elements. I like to drift along the edge of possibility much of the time. Vampires who aren’t undead, just sexy people with fangs. Incubi and succubi who are normal humans, except that they can send erotic dreams. Telepaths, aura-readers…

Which leads me to wonder if there should be a new sub-genre of paranormal, neither dark nor light, just something in between. In other words, not the dark kind peopled with evil monsters, nor the light kind that is basically romantic comedy with monsters. These are both fun genres, but most of us don’t really expect to encounter vampires and werewolves in our daily lives. Telepaths and aura-readers, though, are not that unusual; you may have met someone with one of these abilities. And from there it’s just a step to human beings who are just a bit different in other interesting ways.

But maybe we have enough genres and sub-genres. Maybe what we need to get rid of is our assumptions. Is that even possible?

Let me know what you think. One commenter will win a copy of The Rake’s Irish Lady (which isn’t rated paranormal at all, although it has an eensy-teensy-weensy touch of it), or another of my books –winner’s choice.



So anyway, one of my succubus stories is in a boxed set, Rakes and Rogues, which just went up for pre-order! It’s a set of first-in-series Regency romances. My story, The Reluctant Seductress (who hates being called a succubus), is the only new one; all the other stories have been published before. Even if you have already read a few of the stories, at only 99 cents, this is a great chance to try several other authors.

Here is the blurb for The Reluctant Seductress:

When the lady in distress is a rogue…what’s an honorable gentleman to do?

Forced to work as a spy due to her uncanny seductive powers, Lettice Raleigh emerges from the war with her virginity intact and her reputation in tatters. When she is sent for a month to the estate of England’s starchiest marquis as a step toward reentering polite society, Lettice knows it’s a hopeless cause—but she doesn’t reckon with Lord Hadrian Oakenhurst, a younger son with a strict sense of right and wrong and an agenda of his own. Will Hadrian succumb to her seductive wiles—or has Lettice at last found the one man she can’t resist?


I’ll have more about the boxed set as a whole on Saturday. 🙂

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Again, for a chance to win a copy of one of my books, please leave a comment below — on vampires, demons, succubi and incubi, on what you’ll try reading and what you won’t (and why), or whatever. 🙂


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